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EMU IEEE Robotics Team Getting Ready for “Robotex International” Competition

EMU IEEE Robotics Team Getting Ready for “Robotex International” Competition
Published Date: Monday, 5 August 2019

Initially being found by the important scientists of its era such as Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Edison and, today having more than 430 thousand members in 160 different countries, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) – Eastern Mediterranean University Student Branch is getting ready to compete in “Robotex International” Competition in two different categories under advanced robotic systems. IEEE EMU Student Branch got the first place in the mind-controlled robots category in “Robotex International” Competition organized in 2018 in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. The 19th of the biggest robotics competition in the world, “Robotex International”, will take place in November, 2019 in Estonia’s capital, Tallinn.

Counselled by EMU Faculty of Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department Head Prof. Dr. Hasan Demirel, EMU IEEE RAS Student Club Robotex Team formed by Electrical and Electronic, Mechatronics and, Industrial Engineering students Farhang Naderi, Zeynep Soylu, Mossab Hamdi and Harun Tuna is getting ready for the Drone Race category of the competition with their unmanned aerial vehicle design. Moreover, the team has improved their last year’s robotics design which had competed in Mind Control category of 2018 Competition. The improved design will re-compete in 2019 Competition.