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With 19,000 students from 120 different countries studying at EMU, we also let the Engineering Faculty students enjoy a diversity of cultures in addition to an education provided by ABET accredited programs since the Industrial, Electrical and Electronic, Computer, Software, Mechanical, Mechatronics and Civil Engineering Programs are all ABET Accredited. The Engineering Faculty students and academic staff are all members of prestigious international organizations and societies such as ACM, ASEE, EDC, EEDC, ASME, EAEEIE, EESTEC, ESTIEM, IIE, ACI, ASCE, ICE, ISCP, IAHR, ISSMGE and FEANI. ​

I​​​n the Engineering Faculty the founding departments were Electrical-Electronic Engineering, Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering with a total of 105 students. Now the faculty has 11 programs in 5 departments and 2800 students from 35 different countries.  ​​

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