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The Higher Technological Institute (which was established in 1979) has been transformed into the Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU, in 1986) with extensive support from Middle East Technical University in Turkey. In the Engineering Faculty the founding departments were Electrical-Electronic Engineering, Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering with a total of 105 students. Now the faculty has 11 programs in 5 departments and 2800 students from 35 different countries.  

Currently, our mission in the EMU Engineering Faculty is to contribute to betterment of our society through the pursuit of innovative education, active learning and cutting edge scientific research in a competitive and sustainable environment and maintain our regional leadership by setting a good example. We also aim to provide opportunities and create an esteemed academic environment for the exchange of diversity of cultures, social, political and ideological knowledge and professional talents among the students as well as the faculty. 

 Our Vision is to move the Engineering Faculty of the Eastern Mediterranean University further ahead as the leading Engineering Faculty and make our graduates the professionals that are highly demanded in the industry for their well-known professional skills, scientific background, international culture and moral values.

With 19,000 students from 98 different countries studying at EMU, we also let the Engineering Faculty students enjoy a diversity of cultures in addition to an education provided by ABET accredited programs since the Industrial, Electrical and Electronic, Computer, Software, Mechanical, Mechatronics  and Civil Engineering Programs are all ABET Accredited. The Engineering Faculty students and academic staff are all members of prestigious international organizations and societies such as ACM, ASEE, EDC, EEDC, ASME, EAEEIE, EESTEC, ESTIEM, IIE, ACI, ASCE, ICE, ISCP, IAHR, ISSMGE and FEANI. 


 An excellence in education, research and innovation is targeted, in a smart educational environment and mission aligned to global engineering demands with an agile task force. Our ultimate goal is to transform into a research faculty by strengthening our university-industry-market dialog.

Our education programs provide value added services such as double major, student and academics exchange with many EU and USA-Canada universities, involvement in inter-university student organizations and societies. Our graduate programs as well as the undergraduate programs are serviced in fully furnished state of the art laboratories supporting education in B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D. levels in all departments supported by 120 academics (19 Prof, 24 Assoc. Prof. and 11 Assist. Prof., 6 instructors and 60 research/teaching assistants) leading our scientific SCI/SCI-E/SSCI/AHCI publications gradually approaches an articles/person/year.

Mechanical Engineering Department, housing the Mechanical Eng. and Mechatronics Eng. Programs specializes in Energy Systems, Mechanics, Machines, Fluid, CAD-CAM and virtual reality. Electrical and Electronic Eng. Dept. housing Electrical and Electronics and Information Systems Eng. Programs specializes in Signal & Image Processing, Power Systems, Telecommunications, Control and ICT systems. Civil Engineering Department specializes in Water Resources, Structure and Earthquake, Transportation, Geo-technic, Construction Management and Construction Materials. Computer Engineering Department housing the Computer and Software Engineering Programs specializes in Computer Networks, Semantic Web, Parallel Computing, Software Development and Database Management. Finally, Industrial Engineering Department, housing the Industrial and Management Engineering Programs specializes in Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Facility Planning, Ergonomics and Work Study, Production Planning and Quality Engineering.


ABET: The Accreditation Board For Engineering and Technology
Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering,  Industrial Engineering programs in Faculty of Engineering possess ABET accreditation.



ACM: Association for Computing Machinery Student Chapter. EMU Computer Engineering Department is a member of ACM.
ASEE: American Society for Engineering Edu. EMU Engineering Faculty is a member of ASEE.
ASME: American Society of Mechanical Engieers Student Branch. EMU Mechanical Engineering Department is a member of ASME.
EAEEIE: The European Association for Education in Electrical and Information Eng. EMU Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering is a member of EAEEIE.
EESTEC: Electrical Engineering Students' European Association Student Branch.
EMU Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department is a member of EESTEC.
ESTIEM: European Students of Industrial Engineering and Management. EMU Industrial Engineering Department is a member of ESTIEM.
IIE: Institute of Industrial Engineers Student Chapter. EMU Industrial Engineering Department is a member of IIE.

SEFI - EEDC: European Society for Engineering Education - European Engineering Deans Council. EMU Engineering Faculty is a member of SEFI - EEDC.

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