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EMU’s Magnificent Event Brings the World Together

EMU’s Magnificent Event Brings the World Together
Published Date: Thursday, 24 May 2018

One of the Eastern Mediterranean University’s (EMU) biggest and most colourful cultural festivals; EMU International Night 2018 took place at the Atatürk Square with the participation of thousands of students from 106 different countries. Dances, songs and dishes from different cultures were present at the 17th annual International Night which was attended by students from all over the globe. The night commenced with a flag show from International Office assistants operating under the Vice Rector’s Office for International Affairs and Promotion. The opening speech was then delivered by EMU Vice Rector for International Affairs and Promotion Prof. Dr. Cem Tanova who thanked the sponsors and those participating in the event.

Local clothes added colour to the event

Visitors had the opportunity to visit stands set up by EMU students of different nationalities from 18:00 and onwards. At stands set up by EMU’s Jordanian and Moroccan Student Societies visitors gained the opportunity to taste their local coffee. Chadian and Zimbabwean students performed their dances to local music. Chadian students’ local clothes “Boubou”, Cameroonian students’ local clothes “Kaba”, Zimbabwean students’ local clothes “Dehwe”, Libyan students’ local clothes “Zbon” and Azerbaijani students’ local clothes “Kurk”    added colour to the event. 

Student Dance Shows

Many dance performances took place at the event. In addition to the EMU Folk Dancing Group, Latin dancers and a Kangoo Jump group students from Azerbaijan, Iran, Egypt, Pakistan, Palestine, Sudan, Chad, Jordan, Lebanon, Nigeria, Tajikistan, Congo, Libya, Algeria,  Morocco, India and Bangladesh performed their local dances. During the joyful night, students enjoyed cultural diversity. The event took place with Alfam Dormitory, Er Advertising, EMU Employee’s Cooperative, KKTCELL, Ekor, Akdeniz Dormitory, Golden Plus Dormitory, Pop Art Dormitory, Salamis Bay Conti Resort Hotel, Port View Hotel, Arkın Palm Beach Hotel, Koton, İtimat, Prime Living Dormitory, New Form Sports Centre, Gymaholic Sports Hall, Roof Restaurant, Rouge 21, Novel Center Point, Deniz Plaza, Erülkü and Table D’hot sponsorship.