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EMU Successfully Completed the European University Association Institutional Evaluation Process

EMU Successfully Completed the European University Association Institutional Evaluation Process
Published Date: Friday, 23 April 2021

Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) successfully completed the evaluation process within the scope of European University Association Institutional Evaluation Program.

Institutional Evaluation Program is a program designed with the aim of examining and evaluating the voluntary work processes of universities at the institutional level by a team of European university leaders. Within the scope of this program, universities prepare a self-evaluation report and share their information on strategic management and internal quality assurance systems with the European University Association Institutional Evaluation Program teams.

EMU completed its first evaluation process in 2007. With the results of the 2007 evaluation, university’s quality improvement has been enhanced. This year, within the scope of a second evaluation, reports prepared by our university has been evaluated and two online sessions regarding the evaluation process took place on 15 January – 3 February and 12-15 April, respectively. More than 20 interviews have been conducted with university administration, academic staff members, students and various partners of the university during the online evaluation process.

Institutional Evaluation Program team presented a verbal report to the university administration on the last day of the online procedures and, congratulated EMU’s achievements in the fields of internationalization, institutionalization, public service and research culture. EMU Rector Prof. Dr. Aykut Hocanın emphasized the importance of planning, quality processes and independent international evaluations on the improvement of the university. Moreover, Prof. Dr. Hocanın shared his faith on university’s experiences of program accreditations to contribute the university’s improvement process along with such extensive evaluations taking place on institutional level. Lastly, EMU Rector Prof. Dr. Hocanın thanked the European University Association team.