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EMU Leading the Way with Secure Electronic Signatures

EMU Leading the Way with Secure Electronic Signatures
Published Date: Wednesday, 5 October 2016

The Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) has taken the first step towards using electronic signatures. E-Signature Cyprus executives Cüneyt Çerkez and Lisani Deniz visited EMU Rector Prof. Dr. Necdet Osam in his office on the 4th of October 2016. The meeting was also attended by EMU Computer Centre Director Aytaç Çerkez and the Rector’s Coordinator, Assist. Prof. Dr. Arif Akkeleş. 

During the meeting Cüneyt Çerkez ve Lisani Deniz provided information about electronic signatures stating that there is great deal of time to be saved with their usage. Prof. Dr. Osam called electronic signatures a revolution and stated that EMU is once again making history by being the first to do something and setting an example for other institutions. Prof. Dr. Osam went on to state that he believes EMU’s transition to electronic signatures will mark the beginning of an era in the county, as corporations will begin to communicate by using electronic signatures.

EMU Computer Centre Director Aytaç Çerkez noted that EMU has a document management system suitable for using electronic signatures, whilst many university processes such as internal communication, selection of courses, personnel/student application and administration are already carried out electronically.

What is an electronic signature?

An electronic signature is used to sign online documents and has the same legal validity as a physically signed signature.  Electronic signatures guarantee that electronic data hasn’t changed track and belong to the person who sent it. The electronic signature is approved by the Information and Communication Technologies Authority and is provided by the Electronic Certificate Service Providers.

According to the 93/2007 Electronic Signature statute, the use of an electronic signature requires a local business acting as an Electronic Certificate Service Provider. A new era is beginning with “e-signature CYPRUS”, the first and only Electronic Certificate Service Provider in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC).

What does an electronic signature provide?

E-signatures bring to the forefront terms like e-individuals, e-citizens, e-commerce, e-work, e-mail, e-governments, e-institutions, e-wallets, e-exams, e-education, e-science, e-universities, e-life and e-health. If in time, e-signatures are used for almost every transaction, transactions will take place a lot more quicker and smoothly. Printing and paper costs will decrease as well as archiving costs. At the same, time this method is environmentally friendly. Productivity increases, bureaucratic procedures decrease and by increasing the continuity of trade relations, opportunities can rapidly turn into investments. These are the initial visible effects of e-signatures, however the real benefits are perhaps more important than all of these effects.

With e-signature usage data sent by an individual is automatically verified as indeed being sent by said individual. The sender cannot assert that he/she has sent something he/she has not. The receiver cannot assert that he/she hasn’t received something that he/she has. As a result of the password system, data is prevented from ending up at anyone apart from the person sending it and the intended receiver.