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EMU Dormitories Ready for New Semester

EMU Dormitories Ready for New Semester
Published Date: Wednesday, 17 August 2016

The Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) is always working to provide EMU students who choose to live on campus with a comfortable living environment. Accommodation is seen as a very important factor of university life.  Therefore EMU works hard to ensure that students are provided with all sorts of technological facilities, security as well as cultural and sporting activities. EMU Dormitories are ready for the new semester.

EMU Dormitories & Cafeterias Directorate stated that necessities such as hygiene, nutrition, transportation and security have been improved and that many students have chosen to live on campus because it takes them away from the chaos and noise of city life whilst placing them in a secure environment.

It was noted that students living on campus do not face problems relating to security or transportation and that they have many oppurtunities to participate in academic, social and cultural activities. The Dormitories Directorate stated that any one of the EMU dormitories would be a correct accommodation choice for students about to start their education at EMU.

When compared with world class dormitories it is noticeable that EMU dormitories are of a very high standard. The dormitories provide students with over 8000 beds and a shorter adaptation period. In total there are 17 dormitories on campus including EMU Dormitories, EMU Build-Operate-Transfer Dormitories, Turkish Republic Credit and Hostels Institution Dormitories and a private dormitory.

The dormitories EMU-1, EMU-2, EMU-3, EMU-4, Sabancı and EMU Deniz are completely owned by EMU. Apart from these six dormitories there are two dormitories that belong to the Turkish Republic Credit and Hostels Institution. The dormitories Uğursal, Akdeniz, Marmara, Alfam, Longson, Home Dorm, Ramen and Primeliving are EMU Build-Operate-Transfer Dormitories. There is a variation of prices that students should keep in mind when searching for a dormitory.  Students also have the opportunity to choose between rooms for one, two, three or four. Statistics have shown that students who stay at EMU dormitories have a higher success rate than those who don’t.

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