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EMU Contributes to Education at Tertiary Level Through Workshops

EMU Contributes to Education at Tertiary Level Through Workshops
Wednesday, 16 December 2015, 09:30 AM - Monday, 28 December 2015, 17:00 PM
​Eastern Mediterranean University

Eastern Mediterranean University will be offering workshops for high school final year students receiving education within the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Targeted towards over 1000 high school students, the said workshops will commence at various academic units in EMU between 09:30 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. on 16 December 2015. The workshops will continue on 17, 21 and 28 December 2015.

On 16 December 2015, Famagusta Turkish College, Namık Kemal High School, Famagusta Vocational High School, Dr. Fazıl Küçük Industry Vocational High School, Famagusta High School of Trade, and Eastern Mediterranean Doğa College will be attending the said workshops. Depending on their prospective choices, students will be grouped according to their fields and attend the relevant workshops, accordingly.

Taking place under 26 different topics, the workshop sessions aim to help high school students to explore and develop their existing skills and talents. Among workshop topics are Social Media and Security, Small Scale Project Applications through 3D Autocad, Animation Techniques and Applications, I Am Shooting My Own Video (Video Production), Percussion and Rhythm, Art Training (16-17 December 2015), Creative Thinking, Aesthetic Activities (21-28 December 2015), Shooting in Virtual Environment, TV Journalism, Radio Programming, Citizen Journalism, Brand Production through Creative Thinking Techniques for Advertising, Electromagnetic and Electrostatic Basics, Robot Assisted Production and Human Productivity, Website Design, Cutting Pieces with CNC Worktop, Wind Tunnel, Creation of a Concrete Mixture and Experiments, A General Outlook on Employment Law and Accidents, Medicine Synthesis and Analysis, DNA Isolation from Human Cells, Kitchen Applications, Balanced Nutrition, Basic First Aid Application, Dynamic Balance Assessment, Brand Cities – Eco Design, Cultural Heritage, Re-use of Traditional Buildings, Paper Design, Stock Markets, Cyprus Conflict, Microbiology / Parasite Analysis through Microscopes / Resistance of Bacteria Against Medicine / Demonstration of the Development of Bacteria.

On 17 December 2015, Bekirpaşa High School, Cumhuriyet High School, Erenköy High School, Polatpaşa High School, İskele High School of Trade, and Karpaz Vocational High School will be attending the workshops. On 21 December 2015, EMU will host 19 Mayıs TMC, Lapta Yavuzlar High School, Güzelyurt TMC, Kurtuluş High School, Cengiz Topel Industry Vocational High School, Güzelyurt Vocational High School, Lefke Gazi High School, Turkish Maarif College, and Değirmenlik High School. On 28 December 2015, Bülent Ecevit Anadolu High School, Nicosia Turkish High School, Anatolia Fine Arts High School, 20 July High School of Science, Haydarpaşa High School of Trade, Atatürk Vocational High School, Sedat Simavi Industry Vocational High School, Levent College, TED College, Haspolat Vocational High School, Hala Sultan College, Near East College and Anafartalar High School will be attending the said organisations.